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Working With A Great Dentist

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Working With A Great Dentist

5 Situations Where A Dental Crown Is Used

Harper Hughes

It is likely at some point that you will be told that a dental crown is necessary to help restore your smile. Here are some common situations where a dental crown is used: 

Fractured Teeth

If you have a tooth that has fractured but the root is still in good condition, your dentist will likely recommend one of two methods to fix it. Dental bonding can be used to build up the walls of the tooth that are missing, giving it a natural appearance with a quick fix that can be done in a single trip. A dental crown can also be placed on the tooth, which will give it the strength and stability it needs to avoid breaking again.

Dental Bridges

There are a few techniques used to replace a missing tooth, one of which includes a dental bridge. This technique suspends an artificial tooth between two healthy teeth. A crown is placed on those two teeth to suspend the artificial tooth between them, much like the name dental bridge implies. Since the dental bridge is one piece that is placed on your healthy teeth, the bridge has the strength it needs to be used as a chewing surface. 

Root Canals

Dental patients that have a root canal performed will need a dental crown to cover up the tooth. That is because the center of the tooth is essentially hollow, but the root still remains in your gum line. A crown helps strengthen the hollowed-out tooth so that it doesn't become damaged over time.


Having a missing tooth replaced with a dental implant? Know that a dental crown will eventually go where the missing tooth was located by attaching it to the titanium post. This helps create a natural look for your artificial tooth, which prevents the implant from standing out to others in a bad way.

Cosmetic Procedures

A dental crown can also be used if you have a cosmetic dental procedure performed on your teeth. For example, placing a crown over a tooth that is discolored beyond repair. A crown can also be used to smooth out the edges of a tooth that is not in alignment with the surrounding teeth.

Reach out to your dentist for more information about dental crowns, including the types of crowns that you can pick from and how much it will cost you to have one placed in your mouth.