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Working With A Great Dentist

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Working With A Great Dentist

2 Misconceptions You May Have About Dental Veneers

Harper Hughes

If you are not happy with the appearance of your smile, you may have started to look into having veneers placed on your teeth. However, you may have heard a couple of things that are making you hesitant to even make an appointment with a dentist to talk about getting veneers. If so, below is the truth behind a couple of misconceptions you may have about dental veneers.

1.  Preparation and Application Process Will Destroy Your Teeth

One thing you may have heard about having dental veneers applied to your teeth is that the preparation and application process will destroy your teeth. You may have heard that the dentist will have to grind down your teeth's enamel to make the veneers fit.

The truth is that veneers are custom-fitted to go over each tooth's unique shape and contours. While a small amount of filing may be done to smooth out particularly rough edges, the dentist will not be grinding down the surface and removing a large portion of the enamel.

However, if there are any preexisting issues with your teeth, such as a cavity, it will need to be dealt with before the veneers are put into place. Your dentist will let you know exactly what they need to do beforehand.

2.  Veneers Look Unnatural and Will Stand Out from the Rest of Your Teeth

Another misconception you may have about veneers is that they look unnatural and will stand out from the rest of your teeth. You may have an image of gleaming white, "too-perfect" teeth that everyone will notice.

However, veneers created in this day and age are fully customizable. You are able to select the shade of whiteness that seems right to you.

If you only want partial veneers, the dentist can match the shade of the veneers to coincide with that of the natural teeth which they will be next to. If your natural teeth are not quite the brightness or whiteness that you desire, you and your dentist can discuss options for whitening them before the application. Or, you may decide to go ahead and have veneers placed on all of the visible teeth.

After learning the truth behind a couple of the myths and misconceptions about veneers, you may be ready to learn more about how they can benefit your teeth and your smile. If so, make an appointment with a dentist that offers dental veneers to discuss your options and learn more about the process.