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Working With A Great Dentist

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Working With A Great Dentist

Why You Need A Full Examination If You Switch To A New Dentist

Harper Hughes

If you have visited the same dentist for many years and are now going to a different one, your new dentist will want to complete a full examination during your first visit. Your original dentist might have skipped steps during your visits, simply because he or she knew you and your oral health, but a new dentist will not want to skip any steps, primarily because you are a new patient. Here are the top reasons you should expect to undergo a full examination if you visit a dentist you have never been to.

The dentist will have no history on you

A new dentist will know nothing about you, your health, and your past oral health history, and this is the main reason a new dentist will complete a full examination at your first visit. A full examination will include filling out a lot of paperwork, and many of these documents may be about your general health and past health issues. The exam will also include a physical exam of your teeth, a deep cleaning, and x-rays. The dentist may complete other steps too, such as a gum measurement exam and cancer screening test. The purpose behind all of this is for the dentist to be able to see your entire health and oral picture.

The dentist will want to address your entire oral health situation

Without knowing all of these things, the dentist will not have enough information to fully know what risks you have with your teeth and mouth, and this can create potential problems. If the dentist cannot see your overall health situation, he or she may miss finding potential risks or problems.

A full examination will offer the most comprehensive details of your mouth

The other thing to realize is that your new dentist will want to give you the most comprehensive details of your mouth and oral health as possible, and this would not be possible if he or she did not complete every step of a full examination. A full examination will help you learn about current problems you have and risks you may have in the future.

Going to the dentist's office is probably not the most exciting thing you have ever done, but it is an important thing to do twice each year. If you would like to set up an appointment with a new dentist, contact a dental professional like James V Bachman DMD.