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Working With A Great Dentist

Should Your Child Take Gummy Vitamins?

Harper Hughes

For many parents, gummy vitamins might seem like a fun way to ensure their young children are getting the nutrients they need. Unfortunately, the vitamins can have some unintended effects on their teeth. If your child uses gummy vitamins, here is what you need to know about the potential impact on oral health.

How Do Gummy Vitamins Impact Teeth and Gums?

Gummy vitamins can help to ensure your child gets the nutrients needed, but they sometimes contain additives that can be harmful to teeth and gums. The vitamins are often sweetened with sugar or similar products that can lead to the development of cavities. Even if your child still has his or her baby teeth, cavities that develop now can cause problems once his or her permanent teeth erupt.

Even if you opt for vitamins that are low in sugar, they can still be harmful to the teeth. The gumminess of the vitamins causes them to stick to the teeth. Throughout the course of the day, the sticky vitamins adhere sugar to the teeth enamel. Not only is the enamel weakened, but your child could experience a gum infection.

If your child takes a vitamin before he or she goes to sleep, the gummy vitamins will have all night to work on your child's teeth.

What Can You Do?

You do not necessarily have to give up the gummy vitamins. However, you will need to be extra vigilant about your child's dental care. For instance, immediately after he or she has a vitamin, make sure he or she brushes. This is especially important if your child takes the vitamin at bedtime.

To lessen the likelihood that the vitamin will stick to your child's teeth, try administering it during meals. The other food can help with scrubbing away the sticky residue. Brushing the teeth afterwards is still important.

You could also try switching to a different type of vitamin. A chewable vitamin is a better option. In addition to this, you can focus on ensuring that your child's diet is chockful of the nutrients that he or she needs. For instance, feeding your child more leafy green vegetables will help with keeping iron and vitamin C in his or her diet.

Talk to your child's dentist about other ways to protect his or her teeth while administering gummy vitamins. You can also talk to the dentist about nutrient alternatives that will not hurt his or her teeth.