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Working With A Great Dentist

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Working With A Great Dentist

Self-Care Tips for While You Wait for Your Emergency Dental Appointment

Harper Hughes

If you have dental pain and must wait for an emergency dental appointment, then there is a variety of different things you can do to help determine the cause of the problem. Once you have determined the cause of your dental pain, then you can take some steps to help alleviate your pain while you are waiting. Listed below are some tips to assist you:

Tip: Brush and Floss If You Have Sudden Pain Without an Injury

If you were eating something or chewing gum and all of a sudden your tooth started hurting, then you may have a small piece of food or gum lodged between your teeth. You would be surprised how uncomfortable even the smallest piece of trapped food can be! As long as your dental pain isn't caused by an injury, you should always try brushing and flossing your teeth to see if the pain disappears. Many times this is the case, especially if you were eating foods like popcorn or hard candy prior to your bout of pain.

Tip: Treat an Injured and Loose Tooth with a Cold Compress and Salt Rinse

If you were involved in an accident and one of your teeth was knocked loose but did not fall out, then while you are waiting for your emergency dental appointment you can apply a cold compress to your cheek and jaw. If the tooth is sore or bleeding, then you should rinse your mouth out with some salt water. The salt water will help alleviate pain and helps to prevent an infection from starting.

Tip: Treat a Knocked Out Tooth with Milk and Rinse with Salt Water

If your tooth was knocked out, then how you handle the situation is largely the determining factor for if it can successfully be put back into place or not. After washing off the tooth, you should place it into a cup of milk or place it into your mouth. This is necessary so that the tooth's root doesn't die. Additionally, you should rinse out your mouth with some warm salt water for pain and infection control. 

Tip: Never Attempt to Drain an Oral Infection at Home

Finally, if you have a dental infection that has formed a pocket of pus, you should never attempt to drain it yourself. Instead, you should wait for your emergency dental appointment. If the pain is excessive from the infection, you should rinse with salt water and then apply an ice pack to your cheek. Do not put heat on an infection because it can make the infection worse. 

Contact a dentist for more advice.