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Working With A Great Dentist

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Working With A Great Dentist

Playing Sports With Braces: Four Things You Need To Know

Harper Hughes

Whether you are a teenager active in high school sports or you are an adult who likes to play on the weekends, you may have questions about continuing to play while wearing braces. Use this guide to keep your smile looking great while still enjoying your favorite sports.

Protect Your Teeth

An orthodontic mouth guard can help to protect your teeth during physical activity. Even if you play a sport that doesn't involve contact, you may want to consider a mouth guard when you play. For example, baseball isn't a sport you would think might affect your braces, but a slide into a base could result in contact with your mouth. Talk to your orthodontist about the types of sports you play so you can both decide what type of mouth guard is best for your activity level.

Avoid Close Contact Sports

While many types of sports may be fine, your orthodontist may recommend against certain types of activities while you are wearing braces. These sports might include wrestling, boxing, or martial arts. Any sport that might result in a blow to the head can also impact your teeth, even if you are wearing a mouth guard. Your teeth may become loose during the activity, and if your mouth guard is knocked out, you may receive abrasions to the inside of your mouth from the brackets. If you are a serious athlete who participates in close contact sports, discuss this with your orthodontist before getting braces to see if there are alternative treatments you can use and still participate in your sport safely.

Prepare For Emergency visits

Even with a mouth guard, you may have a broken bracket as the result of playing your favorite sport. Be sure to visit your orthodontist as soon as possible if this occurs. In the event that you become injured in a sporting accident, you'll want to have your orthodontist perform an exam just to make sure your teeth are in good shape. Even if you don't notice a problem, you may have a tooth that is loose or some other minor injury that needs attention.

Stick To Your Diet

You'll want to make sure you stick to the diet your orthodontist recommends while you are participating in sports, which means you should still avoid foods that can cause damage to your braces. This would include chewing gum and sunflower seeds. You may want to consider bringing your toothbrush and toothpaste along so you can brush after games, particularly if you will be drinking sports drinks or if you have dinner with your team after games.

Talk with your orthodontist about the sports you participate in, and create a plan together that will let you continue doing what you love while working towards a beautiful smile. For more information, check it out here on this website.