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Working With A Great Dentist

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Working With A Great Dentist

Four Reasons Dental Hygienists Should Make School Visits

Harper Hughes

School is full of learning about new things for children. Many of these are school subjects and some are useful life skills that they can start using right away. If schools in your area have demonstration days, your dental office should volunteer to go and speak with students about good oral hygiene. Here are four reasons why dental hygienists giving presentations at local schools is a good idea. 

They become a familiar face

Many children have heard about cavities and what happens during fillings or tooth extractions. They may be apprehensive about going to the dentist for this reason. By having the dental hygienists from your office go in to talk to children, kids may feel more comfortable coming into your dentist office. Sometimes just being around a familiar face can provide children with comfort. 

Good parental reminders and marketing

Some parents, especially if they are on their first child, may not realize when it is time for their children to go to the dentist. A visit and presentation from dental hygienists can remind parents that it is time for them to take the kids into the dental office. If your office is able to pass out dental information, you may be their first call when parents realize that it is time for a dental cleaning.

Help teach better habits

One of the best times to stop poor habits is when children are young. Teaching children healthy snacks, good drinks versus bad drinks, and how to keep teeth and gums in good condition means tat you can help to prevent a lot of bad habits for children in your community. If you can go to schools and provide information on good oral health, your dental office may be able to nip bad habits in the bud and see less tooth and gum problems from the young members of your community. 

Become a contact for the school

Along with becoming a familiar face for students, you also become a contact for the school. By developing a relationship with a school, you have the chance to gain further business. If the health room or nurses office at the school has a student that comes in due to a dental issue, they can provide parents with one of your business cards and brochure for reference. This will drive more business into you dental office and allow you to treat dental issues to help children in your community.