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Working With A Great Dentist

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Working With A Great Dentist

Does Your Breath Stink? Exploring Issues And Natural Solutions

Harper Hughes

Do you have bad breath? It's a common problem for many. Most will find it appears in the morning or just after eating, but others find that it plagues them all the time and puts other people off. It's time to find out why your breath stinks and what you can do about it. Here are the most common reasons and solutions.

Your Food and Drink

What you consume during the day can lead to bad breath. Coffee and alcohol are among the main offenders, but garlic, onions and strong cheeses also lead to the problem. While you won't want to cut them out completely, you can cut down. You could also opt for chewing lemon rind or natural herbs after you've eaten or drank something that causes bad breath. The herbs and fruit will naturalize the smells, so you're left with normal breath.

Mouth Breathing

If you breathe through your mouth, you may find that bad breath is a common side effect. This is because your mouth will collect more bacteria, which is one of the biggest reasons for bad breath. The best thing you can do to remedy this is to breathe through your nose instead.

This is sometimes easier said than done. You may breathe through your mouth at night without realizing. This could need medical attention, as it may be due to sinus or upper airway problems.

A Dry Mouth

Dehydration can also lead to bad breath due to the bacteria build-up. You need to be hydrated to produce saliva, which helps to remove the plaque and bacteria from the mouth. It's important to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Some medications can leave you more dehydrated than normal. This may lead to the need to drink more water during the day than is normally recommended. If you have an especially dry mouth first thing on a morning, drink a glass of water before you do anything else.

As well as all of the ways to treat bad breath above, you should also follow a good oral hygiene routine. This includes brushing and flossing. Both of these together will get rid of the plaque on and around your teeth. It's also important to brush your tongue to remove the bacteria that get stuck in the crevices.

Looking after your oral health is essential to protect your teeth and gums. It will also help prevent bad breath, whether you love stinky food or not. Talk to a dentist, like Pike Dentistry.