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Working With A Great Dentist

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Working With A Great Dentist

2 Ways To Ensure Your Braces Look The Way You Want Them To

Harper Hughes

Braces are customized for your teeth. Since your bite and misalignment is individualized, so are your braces. However, some people may feel that their braces do not look unique. Your braces should fit your style and complement your appearance instead of detracting from it. Here are a few choices that you can make to ensure that your braces look the way that you want them to:

Choose the right band color.

Conventional braces include brackets that are cemented to the surface of your teeth. An archwire is connected to the brackets using elastic bands. The color of these bands can be selected to enhance your appearance. For instance, if you would like your braces to have a more noticeable metallic look, you could choose silver-colored bands to add more shine to your appliance. If you have more of a colorful style and would like your braces to match the colors associated with a holiday or even a favorite football team, you can choose bands with the associated hues.

If you have clear braces, you can choose clear bands to ensure that the braces remain discreet or colored bands for a dramatic flair.

Clear braces are braces that have ceramic brackets that are white just as your teeth are. As a result, the braces appear clear against the teeth. This type of braces is often chosen because it is less noticeable than some other types of braces, such as traditional metal braces. The band color is more clearly displayed when clear braces are worn because the elastic ligatures appear to float against the teeth without the distraction of metal brackets.

Choose the proper level of appliance discretion.

If you don't want your braces to be noticeable, there are additional options other than clear braces. For instance, lingual braces or clear plastic aligners may be available.

Lingual braces have brackets that are applied to the back surface of the teeth that is next to your tongue. As a result, the braces are hidden from view after their application.

Clear plastic aligners are similar to clear, rigid mouth guards. Because the plastic conforms to your teeth and is transparent, clear plastic liners are almost invisible when worn. In addition, they can be removed when you eat for a greater level of comfort and discretion.

To learn more ways to ensure that your orthodontic appliance fits your style, schedule an appointment with an orthodontics specialist in your area.