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Working With A Great Dentist

I have always been one of those people who loves to get out into the world and talk with other people, but a few years ago, I realized that I had to do something about my smile. My teeth were yellow and unattractive, and it was really discouraging to see how much different my smile was. I knew that I needed to get my teeth fixed, so I started working with a professional dentist to make things right. Within a few short months, my smile was completely transformed, and I knew that I owed it all to my dental professional. Check out this blog for more information about working with a dentist.


Working With A Great Dentist

3 Breakfast Items That Boost Your Oral Health

Harper Hughes

Breakfast has often been called the most important meal of the day. The first food you eat when you start the day gives you a boost of energy to help you accomplish the tasks on your to-do list. As you prepare the first meal of the day, you should remember to eat nutritious foods that help to boost your health. What you eat can also greatly affect your oral health as well. Several traditional breakfast foods already pack a nutritious punch that support your oral health, so you do not have to think too hard about what you should eat. Here are three breakfast items that boost your oral health.

Orange juice provides immune boosting vitamin C.

Orange juice is a traditional breakfast staple. This sweet drink provides plenty of vitamin C, which helps to support your oral health. A study has revealed that those with more vitamin C in their bloodstream are less likely to suffer from the symptoms of gingivitis, one of the most common forms of gum disease. If you do not want to drink orange juice but want to have some vitamin C in the morning, then you can eat a piece of citrus fruit. Try a grapefruit, clementine, or pomelo instead.

Yogurt parfait gives you phosphorus and calcium.

Yogurt parfait is a simple, quick breakfast dish that you can take with you on the go. Yogurt and other dairy foods provide phosphorus and calcium in your diet. These minerals help to strengthen your teeth by replacing the ones that are lost when chewing and grinding your teeth or due to acid erosion. Dairy products are also thought to help negate strong acids in the mouth that may attack your tooth enamel. Dairy is very basic, so it helps to level out the pH in the mouth.

Scrambled eggs with spinach provides folic acid.

Scrambled eggs are a popular breakfast food. You can add chopped vegetables to help make this dish even healthier. Leafy green vegetables like spinach provide several essential nutrients, such as folic acid. Folic acid is a form of vitamin B, which helps to boost your oral health by helping your body to produce new cells. Your mouth is an ever-changing environment that deals with many different factors that can change its ability to produce cells, such as debris, injury, and acid attacks. Having a boost of folic acid helps to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

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