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Working With A Great Dentist

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Working With A Great Dentist

4 Strategies for Dealing With Dental Anxiety

Harper Hughes

You may avoid going to the dentist because you're too nervous about the actual appointment. Studies indicate that 10% of the adult population in the United States suffers from a dental phobia. This is an extreme fear of going to the dentist for any reason. If you are in this group of people, it's ideal to know various strategies that can help you cope more effectively with your next dental visit.

Strategy #1: Communicate

Take the time to talk to your dental professional about your fears. This may assist your dentist in being more compassionate and gentle when working on your teeth.

Additionally, it is likely the current dental staff will be informed of your anxiety and this can be helpful for any visit you need to make.

Strategy #2: Consider Sedation

There is a variety of sedation techniques that may help make your dental visit less stressful. Listed below are some for you to consider:

1.  Oral sedation – One of the simplest methods to relieve your anxiety is by taking a pill. Your dentist can determine the best dosage for your individual needs, and one of the most common is Halcion.

2. Laughing gas – This sedation type is a nitrous oxide, and there will be a mask put in place that allows you to breathe in the gas.

3. IV sedation – Getting a drug through your vein will allow it to be absorbed quickly into your bloodstream, and this is one of the fastest ways to be sedated.

Strategy #3:  Listen to Music

It may be helpful to take a set of headphones and a music player with you to listen to during any dental work you may be having. This could help you relax and have less stress when getting through your appointment. Be sure to ask your dentist if this is okay beforehand, so the hygienist will know what you're doing.

Strategy #4: Talk With Your Hands

Consider discussing with your dentist beforehand the hand language you will use during any procedures you must have completed. For instance, hold up three fingers could indicate you feel fine, but putting two fingers up could mean you need a break.

It's important for your dental health to get the necessary dental treatment needed for you to have a lifetime of healthy teeth. Take the time to manage your stress and arrange a regular routine with your dentist.