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Working With A Great Dentist

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Working With A Great Dentist

Helping Your Special Needs Child Deal With Dental Care

Harper Hughes

Parenting a special needs child is rewarding, but it can sometimes be difficult as well. For children with disabilities or conditions that cause them to become easily stressed, a normal event, such as a routine visit to the pediatric dentist, can become traumatic. Fortunately, there are some actions that parents of a special needs child can take to help their child deal with future dental appointments in a more comfortable manner.  

Make the Unknown Known

A strange dental office filled with unknown people and scary machines is frightening to many adults, but to a special needs child the experience can be particularly terrifying. To take away some of this discomfort, consider speaking to your pediatric dentist to arrange a tour of the waiting and treatment rooms well before the date of your child's appointment. Choose a time that will be quiet, perhaps just before the office opens or right after closing time. Allow your child to view each room where they will be treated and meet some of their dental care team.

If possible, continue to stop by and spend a few minutes in the waiting room of the dental clinic each week with your child until their first actual appointment. This will help them feel increasingly familiar with the office and help to lessen their anxiety during the actual dental procedure. For some children, stopping at the dental office once or twice will be enough to help them feel more relaxed, while others may need to visit several times to become truly comfortable.

Choose the Right Dental Care Provider

When choosing a pediatric dentist for a child with special needs, it is important to carefully consider the way the dentist interacts with your child, along with their education and experience. Look for a dentist who:

  • has special training in treating children with disabilities and special needs
  • offers additional care options, such as the use of headphones to mask drill sounds, child-appropriate sedation options, body blankets to quiet involuntary movements, etc.
  • exhibits patience and a calm demeanor, even in stressful situations

Celebrate Success

Rewarding bravery and good behavior is a positive action that can help special needs children learn to accept and cope with situations that may be stressful for them, like dental visits. Parents should focus on choosing family activities or treats that will be memorable to the child, such as a family outing, special meal or a small party with decorations and healthy treats to celebrate a successful dental visit.

Keep these tips in mind and consult with a pediatric dentist, such as those at Round Lake Dental Clinic, for more assistance and information.