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Working With A Great Dentist

How To Use Your Dog As Teeth Cleaning Teaching Tool For Kids

Harper Hughes

Clean teeth are important for your kids and for your pets. Dogs needs to have their teeth brushed just like your kids. Take advantage of this and use your dog as a teaching tool for your kids. They will enjoy helping you brush your dog's teeth and learn how to brush their own properly at the same time.

Here's how to turn puppy teeth cleaning into a teaching tool for kids:

Get Dog Used to Teeth Cleaning First

Before you let your children stick their fingers inside your pup's mouth, you need to make sure that your dog is used to it. You should have already gotten your dog used to teeth cleaning when he was young, but if not, it's not too late. Teeth problems usually begin around five years of age for dogs.

Begin by using just a single finger and running it around your dog's gums and teeth. Once your dog is used to this you can open his mouth and get him used to having your finger on the back side of the teeth. Next, move up to the toothbrush. It could take days or weeks before your dog is used to teeth cleaning.

Purchase the Right Tools

You want to make cleaning your dog's teeth as close to cleaning human teeth as possible. Purchase a small toothbrush with a handle at your local pet store. You can find some that you slip on your finger, but your child wouldn't be using one like that so avoid them. You want one that looks like your child's toothbrush. Purchase dog toothpaste from your vet or pet store. You want some in a tube just like the toothpaste your child will use.

Let Your Child Brush the Dog's Teeth

Have your children follow these steps with you supervising:

Squeeze a small amount of dog toothpaste to the brush of the dog toothbrush.

Hold the toothbrush at a 40-degree angle (show your children the correct position).

Start with the dog's mouth closed and clean the back and front teeth. Move the brush in a circular motion (guide your children's hand until they get the right motion then let go).

Once the front teeth are cleaned, clean the inside (open the dog's mouth and hold it open for your children). Repeat the circular motion for top and bottom teeth.

Having your children brush your dog's teeth helps you in a few ways. You don't have to do the chore, your children learn how to properly brush teeth, and you dog has a healthy mouth. Contact a company like Carolina Forest Family Dentistry to learn more.