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Working With A Great Dentist

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Working With A Great Dentist

What Determines The Cost Of Dental Implants?

Harper Hughes

The initial cost of dental implants is a bit higher than traditional treatments. Nonetheless, this cosmetic dentistry investment is worth every dime since. In addition, unlike some other options, dental implants are permanent.

The cost varies among different patients based on various factors. Also, your cosmetic dentist will do a detailed examination to determine your dental implant charges. Generally, the factors discussed below determine the total treatment charges.


Most dental implants are comprised of a titanium rod and ceramic crown. The frequent use of titanium is due to its ability to bond well with your body without reactions.

Your cosmetic dentist uses a modified material if you have a metal allergy or sensitivity. For example, if you are hypersensitive, ceramics and zirconia are ideal options, but such materials come at an extra cost.

Number of Implants

The number of implants needed for a successful restoration varies among different patients. For example, a single tooth plant implant will work if you want to replace a missing tooth. Nonetheless, if you plan to replace several teeth, you will incur a higher cost.

If worried about the high cost of several dental implants, look for a cosmetic dental services provider with offers. In addition, you can also opt for one that supports payments from your medical insurance company.

Bone Grafting

Your natural teeth exert weight to keep the jawbone strong and healthy. With missing teeth, the bone around the gap deteriorates. If you stay for extended periods without a replacement, you increase the rate of jaw bone loss. 

You must have enough bone density for a successful procedure. Otherwise, your cosmetic dentist undertakes bone grafting, which increases your treatment costs.

Oral Health

Common infections such as abscesses and gum disease complicate the dental implant procedure. The more complex the process, the more the cost.

Your cosmetic dentist only performs dental implant surgery after treating the underlying conditions. So the treatment cost for infections adds up to your total price.

Implant Center Location

Cosmetic dentists use varying dental implant procedures based on the affected tooth location and required angle. For instance, the arch of your front teeth must match your jawline to give you the desired smile. Thus, a cosmetic dentist undertakes more advanced work for the front teeth, which increases costs.


Dental insurance usually doesn't cover the entire cost of dental implants. However, you can receive coverage for other preparatory steps like cosmetic dentistry consultation and dental sedation. So, ask your cosmetic dentist about the cost of each step and use your policy to lower your out-of-pocket expense for applicable steps.


The lifetime benefits of dental implants outweigh the initial cost. Besides, maintenance is like your natural teeth; brush, floss, and use mouthwash. Therefore, if convinced with the cost breakdown, contact a cosmetic dental service such as Dan Czapek, D.M.D. to increase the procedure's success rate.